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   Levi Johnston May Go to Court for Custody

Posted on April 27, 2009 by rss feed, source

Photo: www.theinsider.com

  Levi Johnston, the father of Sarah Palin's grandson, spoke out on "Larry King Live" on Wednesday about his chilly relationship with the Palins. The young man, who says he's not being allowed to see his son or take his son anywhere, says he may have to go to court in order to retain his shared custody rights under Alaskan law. He told Larry that things started to change when his ex-fiancee Bristol Palin became pregnant with their infant son Tripp, and her mother subsequently decided to run for Vice President on John McCain's ticket. "Ever since that campaign she's changed a lot," he told Larry. "That wasn't the Bristol I knew before she got pregnant. … she's totally different now." The teenage dad's mother told Larry that things really took a turn for the worse last fall. "Things started changing different, I'd say I noticed in November," Sherry Johnston said. "Things started to chill down, not getting as friendly." For her part, Levi's sister, Mercede, told Larry that she had issues with Bristol and that Bristol had forbade Levi from speaking to her while they were together. Mercede said, "The main thing I had a problem with was, in the summer when they were dating that he wasn't allowed to talk to me." Despite the recent acrimony between the families, the Johnstons all stressed that they want baby Tripp to be a part of their lives. Levi said of being present at his son's birth: "It was cool. … I wasn't expecting to have a kid this early. I thought I would always be grossed out but it was cool." When asked about child support, Levi told Larry that he wasn't paying child support until they went to court, but added, "I've got everything a boy needs -- diapers, clothes -- back home." He also stressed: "I didn't ask to be thrown into this. I'm not looking for fame, just trying to get my story out there." The Palin family released a statement to ET on Wednesday night that reads: "Bristol is focused on going to college, raising Tripp, and advocating abstinence." Larry also asked Sherry about her arrest last December on a drug charge. She responded: "I can't go there right now. When I have my day in court then I would love to be able to set the record straight. There's a lot of misconceptions out there."[Read full story on The Insider]

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