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Selma Blair
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Selma Blair

Born: June 23, 1972  United States
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Selma Blair


  Selma Blair is Pregnant


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I totally agree with Indira and Annie. While I rcpseet Selma's choice, there's nothing wrong with having ultrasounds and checking up on the baby. After all a midwife or anyone as a matter of fact can't tell what's going on in there. Modern techonology can be very useful.Women have had babies for thousands of years, but there were also much more stillbirths and complications back then and I'm sure a lot of that could have been prevented if modern techology was used. I do hope Selma has a healthy baby. LADORE- Celebrities can keep things private and to themselves if they choose to. Selma obviously wanted to share that with the public otherwise she wouldn't be giving out statements regarding the gender of her baby/ or whether she uses midwives or not. That was all her choice and then that gets posted on a Celeb Baby blog and it becomes a public thing, and people are free to comment on it since that's what the point of this blog is. Now how people choose to comment on it,is entirely up to them.
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