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Prince William
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Prince William

Born: June 21, 1982  United Kingdom
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Prince William of Wales is the elder son of Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and grandson of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. As such, he is second in the line of succession to 16 independent states, though he is resident and most directly involved with the United Kingdom, the oldest realm.


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Would those "on the street" who are coiaiplnmng be upset if whats-her-name decided not to change her name? Were they upset when Di kept the "Princess" even after she divorced the man that God chose as Prince (we're talking tradition here)?I expect most of them are Cake & Eat types. I won't wear a ring because I'm not in the business of involving or bothering others with my private life. No one else needs to know I'm married, and they don't really care anyway.If you need a ring on your finger to remind yourself not to cheat on your wife, it's probably not worth bothering. Plus, I've heard claim by certain player types that a ring can actually be a boon when looking for a one night stand. One of those strange "I can't have it so I want it" psych tricks.
   Comment submit on Sat, 14 Nov 2015 05:53:10
Good one Zorro!From a Jungian perspective, the King is suoepspd to marry and be fruitful so that his kingdom can do the same. Part of the problem with William's father was that he was not able to have a loving marriage, or at least an agreeable marriage, and the father remarried a woman past child bearing years. I know the Jungian stuff is out there, but some times it seems to apply, especially about men's psychology in my experience.Here is hoping that William has a happy and fruitful marriage and one day serves his people as a good king.Trey http://awpbjukir.com [url=http://uojmoxg.com]uojmoxg[/url] [link=http://lofhmiuwd.com]lofhmiuwd[/link]
   Comment submit on Tue, 24 Nov 2015 01:02:58
I detest weiarng jewelry of all kinds. Don't wear watches, rings, necklaces. When I got engaged, one condition was that I wouldn't ever wear a ring. My wife doesn't like jewelry that much either, so it wasn't an issue. She has a single, simple wedding band.I wonder if there's a genetic component. Of my four children, my oldest has several piercings but isn't a huge fan of rings or necklaces. The second will wear necklaces on occasion, but I've never seen him wear a ring or watch. The youngest two won't wear any jewelry.Oh, and I detest weiarng ties as well.
   Comment submit on Sun, 22 Nov 2015 14:13:21
Every country needs their Disneyland.The UK has its royal fialmy. If you compare/contrast the UK royal fialmy with that of Thailand, whose royal fialmy is 99+% revered by the population (and with good reason), you have to wonder just how vapid the average Brit lets himself become. Their royal fialmy is a parasitic pack of entitled welfare degenerates who provide nothing remotely valuable to the population (except good entertainment when one of the royal brats dresses up as a NAZI for a costume party).Diana was wildly overrated, but she did have some measure of class. And I have quite some time for Queen Eliz. But Charles is a closet homo and closet Muzzie who should be taken to the knackering shop, along with his horse-faced consort. Ditto for the rest of the worthless lot. http://dfalkqvr.com [url=http://peqmnggkfj.com]peqmnggkfj[/url] [link=http://yeaupf.com]yeaupf[/link]
   Comment submit on Fri, 20 Nov 2015 06:27:09
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